Cegos is an award-winning content provider with a vast range of e-learning options. Cegos’s library of more than 100 courses, localized in up to 15 languages, is designed by a team of expert trainers and technical whizz-kids to provide a highly interactive and stimulating experience.


Top 20 Content Development by Training Industry

 Cegos, Top 20 Content Development Company for the 9th year in a row

Cegos Group maintains Top 20 ranking among the Content Development Companies , established by Training Industry. Even after 9 years, it is always a pleasure to receive such a recognition by Training Industry.


 Cegos 3 Formats

 Cegos e-Learning modules include Classic, Focus, and Intensive formats. Each course includes core instruction to build skills and provide practice in a key soft skills subject area: Management & Leadership, Personal Development, Project Management, and Sales. Modules are developed in HTML5 to ensure mobile compatibility with tablets and smartphones. All modules feature a modern design and interactive elements to ensure that the learner is engaged with the learning experience, learns the new skill, and can practice the skill in real-life situations.



Classic Modules


 Standard elearning module

15 to 20 minutes average duration

Objective: to improve specific skills


Our classic courses are the basis of a solid

elearning program. On  their own, each course

providesan engaging, interactive learning

experience on a key business skill. 



Focus Modules 


Video-based simulation

10 to 12 minutes average duration

Objective: to master a specific behavior


Real-life interactive scenarios of common situations

learners are likely to encounter in the workplace.

Focus Modules are designed to help make learning stick through practice.



  Intensive Modules 


 Mobile refresher

7 to 10 minutes average duration

Objective: to refresh a previously-learned skill


Learners can practice new skills based on various

situations with Intensive Modules. Short, mobile

modules are an ideal way to provide reinforcement

in the moment.



Classic, Focus or Intensive: which e-Learning format will help you achieve your learning goals?