A Leading Learning Management System


The Learning Suite, IMC's learning management system, is the solution for the planning, management, implementation and control of your learning processes. Europe's leading learning management system enables the detailed depiction of company-specific learning processes and structures regardless of industry and size of the company, ensures tailor-made and cost-effective further training for the target groups in accordance with the organisational goals and, using innovative technology, guarantees high level of long-term information and performance for your staff. "What counts is the user experience, the application experience, the design options, the intuitive operation and the possibilities for interaction", says Wolfgang Kraemer, CEO of IMC. The Learning Suite is rated by Gartner as a leading international Learning Management System.


Learning Compass

With the Learning Compass, the Learning Suite offers a novel, adaptive learning environment which customises operating elements to the requirements of the users, provides you with modern social learning and supports you with tailor-made reports for decision-making.

  • Adaptive learning: let the users choose between a simple and an advanced learning environment which in turn can be configured in an infinitely variable number of ways
  • Decision support and analytics: on-screen reports, standard reports and analytics for support with decision-making
  • Guidance: learning progress and next steps at a glance
  • Ratings and polls, wikis, forums for exchanging experiences

What makes the IMC Learning Suite so unique?

Intuitive user guidance

Intuitive user guidance

Simple user interface and intuitive
operation - with full flexibility.

Skill and Competence Management

Skill and Competence Management

Customized training through individually
configurable workflows and knowledge levels.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Learn anytime, anywhere

Responsiveness and native apps provide
mobile learning - online and offline.

Reporting Dashboard

Reporting Dashboard

Continuous reporting available
through Learning Analytics.

seamless integration

Seamless integration

Perfectly integrated via Cloud
or as an on-premise solution.

Highest safety standards

Highest safety standards

ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications and
compliant according to FDA CFR 21 Part 11.


Are you looking for a suitable learning platform for your company? Do you want your employees to be excited about learning and stimulated to advance with in company? Design your digital learning environment, according to the personal needs and requirements of your learners, with the LMS - Learning Management System 'IMC Learning Suite'.

True Customisation

With the unique technology of the Learning Suite, company structures and processes can be depicted and implemented in detail, across all industries and regardless of company size.

  • Detailed depiction of structures, roles and rights
  • Advanced process depiction and management
  • Granular learning object management

Learning Object Management

Best in Compliance

Excellent reputation and legal conformity with the most powerful compliance learning management on the market, recipient of the Brandon Hall Award for "Best in Compliance Training"

  • Automatic target group formation
  • Training and Certification
  • Awareness Radar: Controlling, Notifications, Tracking

Gamification Leaderboard

Big Picture

To implement your training processes you only need one system, not innumerable isolated applications. Synchronisation with third-party systems and the depiction of data can be personalised to a high degree.

  • Integration framework with flexible interfaces
  • Integrated content management
  • Integrated competency management
  • Integrated succession planning
  • Integrated authoring & publishing
  • Out-of-the-box testing with all question types and test logic

e-Learning Competencies


With its range of comprehensive consultancy packages, IMC makes an important contribution to the effective design of learning processes in companies and organisations and thus enables customers to successfully integrate modern and creative teaching and course modes. IMC offers the following services:

LMS Services

e-Learning Mobile App

You don’t have to choose anymore! We have developed an authoring tool for you that makes your content compatible with every single device (Windows PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone). Whether it’s online or offline, with or without an LMS or app, your content is available any time and anywhere.

e-Learning Mobile App

Managed Learning and Application Services

The operation of learning management systems saves time and money when it's a question of the organisation, allocation and monitoring of training and development measures. But the roll-out of a system is just the beginning of normal operations. The provision of the infrastructure and the operation and management of a central LMS are classic administrative tasks whose outsourcing and transfer to experienced providers saves time and money and enables the management to focus on strategic activities.

As part of managed learning services, IMC will assist you with the planning and implementation of your training strategy and will provide on your behalf the operational learning management processes whilst complying with the most stringent quality and security standards (ISO/IEC standard 19796-1, OWASP Security Guidelines) with the objective of freeing up your internal resources, saving costs and increasing your business performance. The managed learning services encompass the preparation, planning and design of the content and organisation of the training services whilst you remain responsible for the strategic tasks such as training strategy, financial management and controlling.

The managed application services comprise the servicing and system maintenance of your test and production system and guarantee up to 12 patches per year as well as their installation, the backup and configuration management, monitoring, and a log file and function check. So your learning management system always performs perfectly.

Support Services

From helpdesk services such as information services and user help to proactive services, service management, maintenance and technical support, IMC offers the full spectrum of support services in attractive service packages.

e-Learning Consulting Services

The management of training activities in companies has many aspects. Technological solutions are not always the only or correct approach. Our consultants have experience of projects with clients ranging from global companies through to successful SMEs. We are also involved with management education projects such as training and further training of specialised personnel and change management with concrete training objectives. Our services also include success-oriented controlling of further operational training.

Implementation Services

The time between strategy development and going live can be very short: depending on the scope and integration scenarios, an LMS can be successfully introduced in less than 14 days. This is always the case when experience and professional procedures come together. For this reason, the consultants at IMC AG agree the introductory strategy and procedure together with the clients. Your contacts are skilled senior consultants who ensure the project process is transparent and runs on schedule over the entire period from planning to design and roll-out.

Cloud Services

Besides the classic on-premise usage scenario (installation in the IT infrastructure of the customer), the Learning Suite can also be used in the Cloud. The Learning Suite Software as a Service (SaaS) platform enables both public and private cloud hosting models. It is hosted on the Windows Azure platform provided by our worldwide partner, Microsoft. With our Cloud strategy we can provide a premium quality software solution that utilises uniform technology and security standards worldwide and is available to organisations of any size and from any sector. The low investment needed for our Cloud solution is particularly attractive for fixed-term training, certification and compliance measures. For newcomers, IT integration, a lack of human resources and cost are the most common barriers to starting out. The Learning Suite SaaS platform offers a reliable and highly scalable solution that makes it easy for organisations to implement e-learning for the first time.

HR Consulting

Given demographic developments, personnel managers are faced with challenging times. The German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology talks about the "danger of a massive shortfall in specialist academic personnel". IMC supports personnel managers with the positioning of strategic, integrated HRM as a business partner and with the outsourcing of transaction-oriented, administrative services with the goal of establishing an "organisation of talent".